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Sitting peacefully in the Costa Del Sol at the foothills of the stunning Sierra de Mijas mountain range, and overlooking the Guadalhorce Valley, is the village of Alhaurín el Grande. Alhaurín el Grande has grown in recent years but retains all the beauty and charm that you associate with a traditional Andalucían village.
The area surrounding Alhaurín el Grande is extremely fertile farming land and it is rich in citrus fruit, vegetables, olives and cereal crops. During Roman times, the local residents believed that the area was blessed by the Gods, due to the abundant crops that grew in the region. Coupled with the temperate climate and the nearby hills to shelter the crops from danger, the area thrived. The hills also provided a plentiful supply of rich mineral deposits. In addition to the plentiful crops, the area is also surrounded by lush pine forests, which provide the perfect habitat for a wide variety of wildlife.
Although Alhaurín el Grande is officially recognised as what you would probably class to be an inland town, it is only a short drive to the coast and the wonderful beaches of southern Andalucía. Basing yourself in Alhaurín el Grande means that you can enjoy all the attractions of traditional village and rural life, whilst knowing that the plentiful amenities of the coast are just a short drive away.
If you are planning to stay in Alhaurín el Grande for any length of time, and you are planning to work, then the village is within easy commuting distance of the main commercial and business areas of Málaga, Marbella and Fuengirola. There are also a variety of employment opportunities available along the other tourist areas on the coast.
On the other hand, if you are seeking a quieter and more traditional experience of southern Spain, then in Alhaurín el Grande you will find a welcome retreat from the crowds that descend on the coast during the hot summer months. Alhaurín has traditionally been popular with the wealthy residents of Málaga, many of whom bought property here and retreat to the countryside when they want a rest from city life.
During the past decade, the village of Alhaurín el Grande has opened its arms to welcome a sizeable foreign population. Due to the property sold here it is estimated that the population of the area has grown to around 20,000 residents with around 2,500 of those officially registered as foreigners from many European countries. Many of the newer residents and property buyers are of Northern European in origin and have taken the opportunity to purchase homes or retire to this beautiful corner of Spain.
This means that the area has become busier and more fashionable, and it has rapidly improved its infrastructure to cope with its new-found popularity. However, it is still the charming village that it has always been and the growth in population has not detracted from its traditional style and strong sense of community.
When you visit Alhaurín el Grande, you will find that the village is split into two quite distinct areas. The older part is located higher up on the hill and is easily recognisable by its narrow streets, picturesque churches, flower-filled squares and bars brimming with character. When you pay a visit to this area, you could be forgiven for thinking that you had stepped into the past as the images, scents and memories of ancient Spain are all around you.
The newer part, which lies towards the bottom of Alhaurín, also has a lot to offer the visitor and the full time resident. It is here that you will find most of the modern supermarkets, café, bars and the cosmopolitan restaurants that serve a variety of cuisine from around the world.
Although the town has changed and grown dramatically in recent years, it still retains a strong sense of history and many traces of its past are still evident today. The whole area is home to many archaeological remains from the Roman, Visigoth, Iberian and Neolithic times. At the centre of the old town, you will find the beautiful white San Sebastian church and the Arcos de Cobertizo. The Arcos is an original Moorish archway which dates back to sometime in the 12th century.
The present day name of the village was actually given to it by the Moors. Alhaurín means “Garden of Allah”, so it seems the Moors had the same beliefs as the Romans with regard to the richness of the land. It was during the Moorish occupation that many of Alhaurín el Grande’s monuments were built. A castle on the hilltop once existed but was destroyed during a Catholic siege. In addition to the Arcos de Cobertizo archway, an original Moorish cork mill, which is known as El Molino Morisco de los Corchos, still stands. The mill dates back to the 14th century and is now privately owned. Amazingly, not only is the mill still standing, but it also still works!
Modern day Alhaurín el Grande offers visitors something quite different to the rural way of life of the past. Whilst the beauty and tradition still remains, the area has developed to cater for more modern tastes.
One of the most popular pastimes in and around Alhaurín el Grande today is the game of golf. As is the case across the whole of the Costa Del Sol , Alhaurín benefits from some wonderful golf courses and golfing facilities.
There are two magnificent courses in Alhaurín itself, which are called the Alhaurín Golf and Country Club and Lauro Golf. The emergence of the new golfing facilities also goes hand in hand with the new property developments that have been built in and around the area. Some lovely new front line golf apartments and front line golf townhouses have been constructed with beautiful views of the golf greens. These types of properties you can buy have become very popular and have attracted investors and residents from around the world.


Buying property in Alhaurin El Grande

If you are looking or thinking about buying property in Alhaurín el Grande then you have a fantastic choice of homes for sale and available to you. Whether you are looking for a modern apartment close to a golf course or a traditional Spanish townhouse, there is something for everyone in this area.
The village of Alhaurín el Grande is a fantastic place to buy property and developing fast. Many of the traditional townhouses and apartments for sale are being lovingly restored and redeveloped, and many new developments have been constructed on the outskirts of the centre. As the village is thriving and growing all the time, it is a great place to buy property as well as to live and work.
Alhaurín el Grande is still a relatively new area in which to buy property and the prices here offer excellent value for money. Especially when compared to other, more well-established, areas around southern Andalucía and the Costa Del Sol . It is therefore widely believed that buying property in Alhaurín el Grande represents a good mid or long-term investment.
Contact Costa Del Sol Property Group today to find out about our many different types of discounted property and bank repossessions that you can buy in Alhaurín el Grande. These range from modern golf apartments to luxury villas, townhouses and traditional rural fincas and country farmhouses.

People from all over the world have already chosen to buy property in Alhaurín el Grande and if you would also like to buy in Alhaurín el Grande, you have an excellent choice of lovely homes for sale.


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