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The capital of the entire Andalucan province of Mlaga and the Costa Del Sol is Mlaga city itself. Mlaga is the second largest city in Andaluca after Sevilla and it currently has a permanent population of approximately 600,000 residents.
This figure swells considerably in the summer when Spanish families and tourists from around the world visit the area for their holidays.
Mlaga is one of the largest cities in Spain and like the rest of southern Andaluca and the Costa Del Sol it enjoys a lovely and warm climate all year round. You can travel to Mlaga airport from almost anywhere in Europe and the port area also has important air and sea links to Morocco and North Africa. You can sail from here to Tangier in Morocco, Ibiza and the Spanish enclave of Melilla. The city of Mlaga is also very well connected to the rest of Spain with fast train lines to Seville and Madrid.
The city is also home to one of Europe’s busiest airports although most of the people who fly into Mlaga tend to forget about visiting the city and instead they head out eastwards and westwards to the many resorts along the coast and Costa Del Sol . In recent times buying property in Mlaga has becoming much more fashionable and is one of the jewels of southern Spain.
It is the home of Picasso and film star Antonio Banderas to name but a few and it is largely untouched by the type of mass tourism that has impacted the rest of the coast. Mlaga is a fascinating city, rich in history and personality and with a strong creative flavour.
Mlaga was founded around 3000 years ago by the Phoenicians and has since been under the occupation of the Romans, the Greeks, the Visigoths and the Moors before being won back by the Catholics Kings during the reconquest in 1487. The Catholic Kings conquered Mlaga and the surrounding areas and the history is visible wherever you go in the city. The main influencers were of course the Moors who left many spectacular buildings including the Alcazaba and the Gibralfaro. As you walk around the city’s many historic monuments, it does not take much to imagination yourself as part of a different time.
If you only have a limited time to spend in Mlaga, it is worth purchasing a ticket for one of the bus tours that circle the city all day long. They stop at almost all the major historical attractions and you can hop on and off wherever you like. Most of the tour companies let you get on and off as many times as you like depending on what catches your eye.
On to shopping and Mlaga has something for everyone from colourful markets to chic boutiques, superstores and old fashioned delicatessens selling fabulous Spanish delicacies.
The streets around the marble-floored Calle Larios the pedestrianised thoroughfare which leads to the Plaza de la Constitution have many excellent high street shops such as Zara and Mango as well as a variety of expensive jewellers and shoe-shops. If you head down the main Alameda Principal and out of town towards the bus station you will find a gigantic branch of El Corte Ingles, Spain’s premier department store. Further out of the town centre still and the Larios Centre also contains many large stores to satisfy the shopaholics amongst us.
As well as being the cultural capital of the coast, Mlaga is an excellent place to eat out and have fun. The locals, who are known as Malagueos, love their food; it’s light, healthy and typically Mediterranean and they tend to turn eating time into a very social occasion. Around the centre of the old town around the Calle Marques de Larios, Plaza de la Constitucin and Calle de Granada, there is a web of narrow winding alleyways full of tapas bars and bodegas. Just follow the scent of the delicious fried fish.
The ancient and historic market place in the centre of Mlaga is one of the best in Andaluca. It is an indoor market with beautiful marble doorways. The market is only open in the mornings but it is well worth setting your alarm clock to get to the market for around 9am or 10am when the action will be in full swing. Watch as the locals barter for their food or try and buy something yourself in order to take part in what is a lively experience. The market sells mainly food produce and just walking around looking at the piles of fresh fish, meat, spices, flowers, fruit and vegetables is an enjoyable way to pass an hour or so. As soon as you have had your fill of the market you can retire to one of the many surrounding bars and cafes for your early morning coffee or your chocolate and churros.
When you are wandering around the old town with the sun beating down on your back it can be difficult to remember that you are still on the coast. But Mlaga is a coastal city and the summer beach parties along the Mlaga coastline are famous all over Spain. Young Spaniards on their holidays, locals and international tourists all come along to join in the fun. Summers on this part of the coast are often referred to as the “locos veranos” which means “crazy summers” so the name suggests the extent to which the Malagueos like to party!
If all of this sounds too energetic and you fancy something a little more relaxing, take a stroll down the Paseo del Parque. This is a long avenue that runs between the port and the old quarter of the city. The sides are lined with gardens and there are many mature trees providing shade from the heat of the day. There are benches to sit on and rest a while where you can watch the world go by.
The beauty and treasures of the city of Mlaga are well disguised behind an industrial looking exterior, but once you near the centre, the individualism and historic charm begin to show its colours.


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