The Buying Process

Purchasing a property in Spain can be a daunting experience whether you're a first-time buyer or looking for your next dream home on the coast. Buying a home needn't be difficult - it's the start of a fantastic journey!

Our links with other like-minded property agents along the coast mean we can show you thousands of properties for sale in southern Spain. We'll present you with the best selection of properties to suit all budgets, tastes and location desires meaning there really is only ONE company to turn to when looking for your dream home.

Buying with the best

Costa Del Sol Property Group

Our expert staff will guide you and assist you and simply narrow down your search in order to find your perfect property. Bear in mind that it's a good idea to have a reservation deposit readily available when viewing properties as this will freeze the purchase price and remove your dream home from the market. After all, if you've fallen in love with it, someone else might too!

When buying a home in Spain it's also worth remembering that purchase taxes and fees amount to around 10-13.5 per cent of the purchase price of your property.

At Costa Del Sol Property Group we can also assist with the following:

Ľ ╗ Obtaining a mortgage
Ľ ╗ Instructing an English speaking lawyer
Ľ ╗ The exchange of private contracts
Ľ ╗ Signing and finalising at the notary

Tips for buyers

The following recommendations are intended to protect your investment and if followed should ensure a problem-free purchase


Ľ Use a reputable agent who has experience on the coast.
Ľ Do your research and get some idea of what to expect when you arrive in Spain.
Ľ Have access to a deposit of 6.000€ so that you donĺt miss out.
Ľ Use an agent affiliated to a MLS Multi listing system to ensure the widest selection of property and prices that reflect the true market value.
Ľ Visualise yourself in the property. Prepare a checklist, take notes and ask yourself questions, such as; is the balcony large enough for a dining table?


Ľ Try to save money by not using a lawyer. The pitfalls of going it alone could prove very costly.
Ľ Pay a deposit to a private vendor as you may have trouble getting it back in the event of non completion, should the vendor be at fault.
Ľ Buy the first property you see. Try to set aside at least 3 days for a viewing trip and make comparisons to ensure you buy the right property.
Ľ Forget to include costs such as tax when calculating your budget. As a rule these amount to 10 ľ 13.5 % of the property price.
Ľ Donĺt rely on advice from friends who have been there and done that. Ask the experts, use your common sense and make up your own mind.

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