Off-Plan Deposit Refunds


Did You Buy an Off-Plan Property anywhere in Spain in the last 15 years from a Developer?
Did You Pay a Spanish Developer a Deposit or Pay Stage Payments or a Payment Schedule?
Did the Developer go Bankrupt or into Liquidation?
Did the Developer fail to finish the Construction of Your Spanish Property?
Did Your Finances Change at Home and You Ran Out of Money and Didn’t Complete on Your Spanish Property?
Did You Complete on the Property, but the Property did not have a Habitational Licence?
Did a Spanish Bank Not Fulfil its Bank Guarantee and Return Your Money?
Do You Know Someone Who Thinks They Have lost Money in Spain? If you do then be a friend and tell them about us?

Do You Believe You’ve lost Your Money?
The good news is that all isn’t lost.

We may be able to help you reclaim your lost Property deposit money from any part of Spain from any Development.

We promise that if you don’t win you won’t pay a penny though we do currently have a 100% SUCCESS RATE To Date returning lost Off-Plan Deposits!

Many thousands of people and investors entered the Spanish property market by purchasing homes “Off Plan” from Spanish Developers during the major boom years.

However the boom period ended and practically the entire world slumped into a recession due to the financial crisis. As a result many Spanish developers ran out of money and were unable to finish developing their properties and developments. In some cases they also liquidated or even declared bankruptcy. Either way people like you who had invested in the property were left out of the loop when it came to what became of their “Off-Plan Deposit Refunds”.

It was believed by many people that their money would simply be lost if the Spanish Property Company they invested in entered liquidation or declared bankruptcy. THIS THINKING IS NOT TRUE AND WE CAN HELP!

We have an amazing team of lawyers based on the Costa Del Sol Spain that have actually hunted down purchasers lost deposits and We know how to get back your Off-Plan Deposit Refunds! We still have a 100% Success Rate when it comes to finding these deposits and claiming them back for our clients from all corners of Europe.

We can help anyone from any country reclaim their lost property deposits much faster than any other company claiming the same. Our Lawyers have found the Secret of Winning Off-Plan Deposit Refunds. Results and speed counts and our Lawyers do not take 4 or 5 years like most other Law firms or companies take. Our lawyers get results between 12 – 18 months which is fast, and we will take your case on for you on a NO WIN – NO FEE basis without absolutely NO COST TO YOU or hidden fees or charge upfront money like many other companies and Law firms charge.

Spanish Mortgage Refunds

Did you know that if you have a Spanish Mortgage on your Property anywhere in Spain that there is a very good chance that you have been paying too much interest to your Spanish bank? The longer you have had the mortgage the more overpaid interest you will have paid?
Most mortgages were taken on VARIABLE INTEREST RATES which were linked to the LIBOR SPANISH BANK RATE and with a FIXED MIMIMUM of interest. The Spanish Banks included a clause in hundreds of thousands of mortgages called “FLOOR CLAUSE” which means you have paid too much interest.

Are You Due a Refund from Paying too much Overpaid Interest!!

Costa Del Sol Property Group work with the very best legal team in Spain and the Costa Del Sol , and have So far 100% Successfully Reclaimed Overpaid Mortgage Interest for our clients from all corners of Spain from all Spanish banks.

We love helping clients receive back money that shouldn’t have been taken and our Lawyers in Spain will take your case on a NO WIN NO FEE basis

You Have “NOTHING TO LOSE” by getting touch!

If you want to reclaim back your Off-Plan Deposit Refunds or Spanish Mortgage Refunds from lost deposits in Spain then urgently contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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