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There is one destination in Europe that thousands upon thousands of tourists flock to each year as a holiday or re-location destination. With many in search of a Costa Del Sol property due to the country’s fine climate, easily adaptable ex-pat way of life and first-class Spanish lifestyle on offer, it’s no surprise why so many love this popular area.

The areas of the Southern Spain includes major cities such as Sévilla, Málaga, Córdoba and Granada, and at the heart of the Costa Del Sol are the well-loved holiday resorts such as Marbella, Puerto Banus, Estepona, Fuengirola and Benalmádena and the enchanting Gibraltar. Offering some of the most fantastic Costa Del Sol properties currently for sale in these fabulous areas, so now is the perfect time to buy, with a great selection of bargains on offer.

Why Costa Del Sol

The simplest and quickest answer to this question is; because people want to live or spend time here. If you buy a property for your own use you will come to realise this, as a never-ending stream of relatives and friends rush to visit you.
What many of the thousands who buy here every year have in common is the desire for a better quality of life.
In a world where we are encouraged to eat healthily, exercise regularly and de-stress, people are starting to listen. The mantra of ‘because I’m worth it’ has taken hold and we are more motivated to improve our lives.
The infrastructure of services and amenities is well established in the Costa Del Sol and adapting to life here is not too daunting for most. As part of the EU we are free to work in Spain, claim our pension in Spain, receive healthcare in Spain and with the help of the Internet run our business from Spain. Accessibility to airports and availability of low cost flights throughout the day and night allows those who need to, to commute to any European city in as little time as it probably takes their native colleagues in rush hour traffic.
What this means for the investor is that more and more people will choose to relocate to the Costa Del Sol because it’s easy, it’s an adventure without being too much of an adventure and because we are worth it.
There is no reason not to expect Costa Del Sol to remain the epicentre of the overseas home buying phenomenon as people realise the benefits of living in what has been described as the ‘California of Europe’.
Even the geography of the region conspires to aid the investor. Most buyers choose a property between the sea and the mountains. Even the Spanish can’t build on sheer rock face and in time, land suitable for development will become scarce. Strict new licensing and planning laws also mean that developments are now totally restricted in certain areas.

Property in Costa Del Sol

A favourite with lifestyle buyers & investors alike

A property in the Costa Del Sol continues to be a firm favourite year after year with the homes-overseas loving British and other northern Europeans. With plenty of fantastic locations in which to buy your dream apartment, townhouse, villa or finca-cortijo (farm house) house-hunters will be spoilt for choice in this extremely lucrative market.

Many developers and real estate agencies are offering properties in the Costa Del Sol with attractive discounts and incentives on first-class properties. Although a slowdown in construction was noted due to the financial crisis back in late 2008. Now more and more people are returning to Costa Del Sol , and these new great promotions and new low cost pricing only emphasise what a fabulous place it is to buy again.

Why buy anywhere else?

A leader in the Spanish property market, Costa Del Sol Property Group has a great choice of Southern Spanish property for sale to suit every budget in every location to meet all your needs and desires. Whether looking for a new build or re-sale property for sale, we can guarantee that we have something specific for you.

Find out more about the great selection of property for sale in the Costa Del Sol today from Costa Del Sol Property Group and purchase a fantastic home from home in Spain’s favourite location.

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