Cost of living in Spain

Many people relocating to Spain and the Costa Del Sol expect the cost of living to be considerably less than in their own country. Generally they would be correct. Not only does Spain have wonderful weather and a healthier lifestyle it also offers good value for money. There are no ends to the benefits of living here!
In your local supermarket expect your weekly food bill to be less if you buy local products. Meat is better value and seasonal fruit and vegetables are offered at very reasonable prices. If you choose products imported from the UK you are unlikely to save on your grocery bill.
Beer, wine and spirits are a fraction of the cost of many European countries in supermarkets, bars and restaurants. Although sometimes the price of drinks seem expensive in bars, consider that the quantity of spirit is three or four times greater than a standard UK measure. If you smoke expect dramatic benefits for your finances if not for your lungs!
Eating out follows the same pattern as anywhere. You can eat expensively or cheaply depending on your choice of restaurant. If you stick to tapas, seafood on the beach and the menu del dia (menu of the day) your meal is likely to be both good value and delicious.
As with eating out, the cost of most products depends on where you buy them. Many Spanish people buy good value clothes from supermarkets. High street stores such as Zara are very good value and much cheaper in Spain than elsewhere in Europe. However clothes can be as expensive as you want them to be and Spain is well catered for at the top end of the market.
Rents in the Costa Del Sol vary considerably depending on proximity to the beach, other amenities and many additional factors. As a rule expect rent to be cheaper than in Western European Capital cities but more expensive than in rural areas of your home country. Do bear in mind though, that luxuries such as access to a swimming pool are considered essential in the Costa Del Sol and most rentals will include use and upkeep of a pool and garden.
Mortgage rates in Spain are currently very low and therefore repayments might be considerably less than those on an equivalent mortgage in your home country.
Public transport is cheap as is fuel, keeping transport costs low. However due to strong demand second hand cars retain their value well and many people take advantage of a long term rental on a new car which, due to intense competition, can be a financially competitive option.
It is important not to underestimate your costs in Spain. Some products are more expensive here and in some cases an economy option doesn’t exist. As with anywhere careful money management will help you to stay within your budget.

Cost of Living in Spain

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