The Rock of Gibraltar is a magnificent land mark and located at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula in the Costa Del Sol at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea next to La Linea.
The British overseas outpost and enclave of Gibraltar is a huge bonus for those living in Spain, who simply cannot cope without traditional British products. With tax free cigarettes and alcohol to name but a few, means many tourists and residents alike make the journey across the border and return with many different produce and goods.
Gibraltar does, however, extend beyond the supermarket goodies and is steeped in history dating right back to Roman times and has some fantastic places to visit like St Michael’s caves, formed by water over millions of years, provide a dramatic setting to enjoy a concert, and the warren of man-made great siege tunnels that riddle the rock give some indication of the battalion that it once was, not too long ago or visiting the stunning and beautiful botanical gardens.

A trip up to the top of the Rock is an interesting visit for adults and children alike to see the Barbary Macaque monkeys indigenous to the rock, who are the most northerly pack in the world and happily share their habitat with the curious tourists who come to watch them.
Gibraltar is a major landmark in the region and is one of the mostly densely populated places on the planet that has 30,000 inhabitants called Gibraltarians, the population figures swell every day, due to the thousands of tourists and the many workers that live in Spain who commute to work every day.
The Rock is dominated by the British military and has an impressive naval dockyard providing the bulk of the economic activity. Tourism is the biggest industry and Gibraltar is popular with many of the large Cruz ships. It also attracts day visitors to the rock especially British and the main street through town is full of high street chains and franchises and branches of many large British retailers.
There is a stunning Queensway Quay Marina with many small and large pleasure boats offering trips to see the Whales and dolphins and fishing expeditions and the marina area now hosts the magnificent 5 Star Sunborn Super Yacht Hotel.

The Gibraltar land surface area covers 6,800 KM2 or (2,625 sq. miles) with a telephone dialling code of +350.
Gibraltar has an international airport with British airways as its main carrier and the airport has links to major airports in Europe. The official language is English, however most locals are bilingual due to their proximity to Spain and when listening to the Gibraltarians speak, they seem to flip there language between English and Spanish, which is called Spanglish.
There are 15 state schools that follow the English national curriculum, a private school and college of further education and a new university of Gibraltar that opened its doors in September 2015.
Gibraltar national day is 10th September that marks being part of the British Empire for over 300 years, with the Queen Elisabeth the second as the head of state, and over 70 percent of the inhabitants are Roman Catholic.

Gibraltar is a fantastic place to live and visit and should you find yourself in the area then make the effort as you will not be disappointed, however the border can get congested and trying to get in and out at peak times can be time consuming.


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