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The town of San Roque occupies a unique site, located as it is between the two continents of Europe and Africa, the three cultures of British, Spanish and Arabic, and the two vast waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
It is not surprising then, that San Roque is a memorable place filled with colour, culture and an unforgettably exotic flavour. The town is situated in the province of Cadiz at the western end of the Costa Del Sol and is close to the British colony of Gibraltar.
San Roque sits around 110 metres above sea level which means it benefits from some absolutely breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, Morocco and the dramatic rock of Gibraltar. It is a quite typical Andalucían white ´pueblo´ with an old town made up of pretty, flower-filled, narrow streets and a population of around 23,000 permanent residents. The area is also extremely popular with tourists who come to take in the views and experience the charming Spanish way of life on offer in this area.
As with many of the towns in this region, San Roque has a long and rich history. It has under gone many periods of occupation, growth, industrialisation, and – eventually - tourist-focused development.
Over the years archaeologists have found evidence of Roman, Visigoth and Arab settlements in and around San Roque, although the town as we know it today did not exist until the early 1700s. San Roque was born out of the political wrangling for Gibraltar and when the British took control of the Rock in 1704, many of the Spanish moved away and settled across the border in the area surrounding what is now the town of San Roque. The centre grew from there, becoming an important area of industry. Its links to the past are still very much in evidence and it has often been referred to as the city of Gibraltar.
Tourists discovered San Roque in the 1950s, when visitors from across the world began travelling to southern Spain and the new resorts of southern Andalucía. In addition to the fantastic climate and the long sandy beaches, San Roque also has a great deal to offer visitors in terms of culture and history.
The entire area of San Roque is steeped in history and the town’s bullring is the fourth oldest Plaza de Toros in the whole of Andalucía. Built in 1853, the bullring is still a working plaza and regularly hosts corridas or bullfights.
At the centre of San Roque you will find the Plaza de Armas, home to the town hall, also known as the Casa Consistorial. The building dates back to 1841 and houses the historical documents relating to the transfer of Gibraltar’s coat of arms to San Roque as well as San Roque´s official hand-embroidered banner.
When you are in San Roque you are recommended to visit the Palacio de los Gobernadores, which is located in the Plaza de la Iglesia. The building was originally a military headquarters which oversaw Gibraltar during its most turbulent times in the 1600s and 1700s. Nowadays the building has been preserved as a historic monument and it is home to three museums.
If you would like to know more about the ancient history of the San Roque area then there are a variety of archaeological remains which are open to the public. These are the Roman site at Barbesula, which includes a temple, and a site of important remains at Carteja.
Nature lovers and those who appreciate wildlife will find plenty to occupy them in San Roque. The area is a beautiful and dramatic mixture of sea, countryside and long sandy beaches and it is a haven for bird watching – especially in the Campo de Gibraltar, which is the zone that surrounds the British colony.
The area is also home to the Pinar del Rey forest, which is a habitat for many bird and animal species as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna. This rich natural resource had led to an increase in rural tourism around this part of Andalucía as people come to view the indigenous species that flourish in this stunning forest area.
San Roque is also extremely well catered for in terms of sport and leisure facilities, offering everything from sailing to world class golfing facilities. The nearby coastline provides a wealth of surfing, sailing and water-skiing opportunities and there are a whale and dolphin spotting-excursions from Gibraltar and Sotogrande. Those who prefer their golf are spoilt for choice in the San Roque area with three of southern Spain’s best courses within close range.
Club de Golf Valderrama, which played host to the Ryder Cup tournament in 1997, and which is recognised as one of the finest golf courses in Europe, is close by. San Roque also has its own famous course and the third course at Sotogrande make up a famous golfing golden triangle, which attracts professional and amateur golfers from around the world. Polo fans can play or watch at the nearby Santa Maria Polo Club in Sotogrande, which is the only place in Europe where polo is played all year round.
You can also play tennis, swim, rock climb, horse ride and do most of the sports you can think of in and around San Roque!
When it comes to food and eating out, San Roque offers everything you would expect from a traditional Andalucían town with plenty of charming tapas bars, restaurants and bars to choose from.
San Roque and the surrounding areas are an excellent long term investment and have some wonderful property for sale.


Buying property in San Roque

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There are many opportunities to buy or rent property in San Roque to tourists who are looking for short term holiday rentals or golfing holidays making San Roque a great place to invest and buy property.
If you are looking at buying property in San Roque or the surrounding area then this is an extremely popular place to buy because it is so well located on the Costa Del Sol near to the British outpost of Gibraltar, and the luxurious Sotogrande and La Duquesa ports and because it has so many excellent facilities close by.
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