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It is the original sunshine holiday destination and it has managed to maintain its popularity for around half a century! Torremolinos, or Torrie as it is often known, is the Grande Dame of the coastal tourist resorts on the Costa Del Sol !
In the years and centuries gone by Torremolinos was a very different place. The area was first claimed by catholic kings in 1498 during the siege of Málaga, when their troops took rest and set up camp in the area. In 1502, the area came under the rule of the local city of Málaga and it began to develop into a thriving little fishing town.
Sometime around 1502 the area received its original name Molinos de la Torre, which means the mills of the tower. In addition to the fishing that took place in the area, its other important product was flour and at one time there were 19 flour mills operating, all of which were powered by water. The history of the area can be traced back even further to the Bronze Age as prehistoric human skulls and bones have been found in caves in the Sierra de Mijas mountains which loom dramatically above the town.
Torremolinos was the very first area along the coast to be developed for tourists and was responsible for the boom that began during the 1950s and 1960s and that still continues to this day!
There are many reasons why Torremolinos has remained so popular over the years and one of those it its location. The resort is just six kilometres from Málaga International Airport and just eight kilometres from the city of Málaga itself. This means that it is very easy to get to Torremolinos from all over the world and there are 100s of low cost flights available every day to Málaga.
It is easy to reach, has plenty of facilities for tourists, an abundance of hotels and offers some of the best beaches on the coast! It is no wonder that tourists, especially the British and Germans, and other Northern Europeans have been pouring into Torremolinos for decades.
The area was originally a fishing village and some elements of the old traditional way of life still remains. Many of the original fish bars and restaurants still exist and provide the tourists with an excellent selection fresh from the day’s catches.
Over the past half a century, Torremolinos has changed radically to embrace its position as a tourist favourite. The main evolution of the town was originally centred on the La Carihuela area which is east of the main part of the town. It was in this part of the village that the area’s main fishing trade was based long ago and today this is still where the best fish and seafood restaurants are. A lot of the original fishing cottages still exist and they can be easily spotted as they are covered in mature Andalucían flowers. The older men of village often sit outside their little houses in the streets playing board games and enjoying a social drink together. Some of the old houses have been turned into little bars or shops. If you take a walk from Torremolinos centre west along the coast to La Carihuela, the views are very pleasant of the sea and the dramatic rock formations. La Carihuela is definitely the “old part” of Torremolinos town.
Modern Torremolinos is a lively, cosmopolitan place with a permanent population of around 35,000. During the summer months this rises to around 150,000 as sun seekers descend on the area for their annual holidays and the holiday homeowners come to stay and enjoy the summer season.
The area is home to a large number of high rise hotels and apartment blocks, restaurants, bars, shops, golf courses, many tourist attractions and a huge conference centre – all of which are evidence of nearly 50 years of development. The area continues to grow, develop and be upgraded to keep it at the forefront of the holiday industry and to encourage new visitors to sample ´Torrie´s´ delights.
Despite the popular view that Torremolinos is something of a concrete jungle, there are numerous public gardens and beautiful open spaces for visitors to enjoy. In fact there are more than 1000 species of trees, plants and shrubs planted in the town.
Of course the main reason why Torremolinos has continued to attract the crowds over the years is because it offers miles and miles of golden sandy beaches. There are six main beaches in Torremolinos, all of which are very clean and safe. All the beaches are linked by the 7km long promenade which has recently undergone improvements. The promenade has been adapted to make it wider and it has been landscaped all the way along. To the east of the resort the beaches tend to be a little quieter and if you head even further east to the area of Guadalmar there is an official naturist beach!
The majority of the length of the beach in Torremolinos is lined with large hotels, each of which has a wide variety of tourist facilities such as bars, restaurants and swimming pools.
As you would expect from such a popular area, Torremolinos also offers a fantastic choice of restaurants. There is something to suit everyone whether you prefer a traditional English fry-up or you would rather sample some of the local Spanish delicacies! Because of the popularity amongst families in Torremolinos, there are a lot of restaurants which are very well priced and very good quality. For example, if you head down to Calle Quintana Rosado in the old part of the town you will find bars such as Mi Carro and Casa Pacos where you can still get tapas dishes for only 1€!
For a pleasant evening stroll, the marina makes the perfect venue. It is located in the centre of the promenade and is the ideal location to admire the fantastic boats and sample the delights of the numerous bars and restaurants. Later on in the evening, the marina comes alive with discos and it is reputed to be one of the best night spots in Torremolinos.
Another popular evening haunt for night owls is Pipers, which is apparently the largest nightclub in Europe. It has everything from stage performers to planes and other bizarre things suspended from the ceiling all for the clubbers entertainment. The Palladium is mainly a teenager’s scene, whereas Atrevete opposite the Hotel Pez Espada is a salsa venue with two dance floors – an electric party atmosphere! Plus there are many more places to choose from – there’s something for all tastes.                                  


Buying property in Torremolinos

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There are many opportunities to buy or rent property in Torremolinos to tourists who are looking for short term holiday rentals making Torremolinos a great place to invest and buy property.
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