Shopping in Spain

In Andalucía’s smaller towns and villages traditional shops still flourish and you can visit the butcher, baker, and any number of other retailers to complete your shopping list. However, in larger urban areas Spain is no different from other European countries that have seen the decline of the high street in favour of the supermarket or superstore.
Locals tend to buy locally produced foodstuffs from markets where prices are cheaper and produce is fresh. Most towns have a weekly market. If you are unsure where it is, ask a Spanish neighbour to show you.

Large supermarkets sell fresh fish and meat. Some also stock a limited selection of products imported from other European countries.
If you prefer to do all of your shopping under one roof you can visit one of many shopping centres in Southern Spain. Marbella is home to La Cañada, a retail park that is guaranteed to be busy come rain or shine. You can buy almost anything here be it a shower head from Leroy Merlin, a toaster from Boulanger, a dress from Aldolfo Dominguez or a tyre for your car. You can also watch a film, bowl, eat and play pool. In 2004 the Myramar Centre was opened in Fuengirola, offering a similar array of entertainment, retail and food outlets.
In Málaga there is the even bigger Plaza Mayor that provides much more in the way of entertainment once the shopping is out of the way.
Puerto Banús is a shopper’s paradise, being home to the department store, El Corte Inglés, the exclusive Marina Banús and countless designer stores.
In Marbella’s old town the streets are lined with Spanish boutiques and wandering amongst them can be a very pleasant way to spend the evening.
It can be frustrating if you need a specific item and have little idea of where to go in order to find it. Asking a friend or neighbour can be invaluable as chances are they once needed the same item as you do and know exactly where it can be found.

Do be aware that shops and small businesses in towns as a rule of thumb open from Monday to Saturday, from around 09:30 am until 13.30 pm and re-open in the afternoons from around 17:00pm until 20:00 pm. However larger stores will stay open all day.

Shopping in Spain

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