Utilities in Spain

Sevillana Endesa provides electricity in Andalucía. The supply in most of Spain is 220 volts. However, some areas still have a 110 volts supply, which can cause the circuit to trip if too many appliances are used at once. If this occurs, do not be alarmed, reduce the number of appliances in use and reset the switch near your meter. If you have bought a property or rented a property long term then you will have been in contact with a Lawyer who can help you organise the connection of the electricity.
Be aware that short power cuts are frequent in some parts of Spain. If you use a computer, you may like to fit an ‘uninterrupted power supply’ (UPS) with a battery backup to ensure you always have time to save your work should a power cut occur.


Metered gas is not widely available in Spain and many people still rely on gas bottles in most areas, Repsol Butano will deliver gas bottles directly to your home for which a contract is required. Gas appliances must be serviced and inspected at least every five years.


Southern Spain and the Costa Del Sol can suffer from water shortages in summer months. This is more likely to affect rural areas than coastal but everyone should use water sparingly.
Water is generally safe to drink in Spain, however it often tastes awful. If in doubt, have your water analysed or drink water from a bottle as it’s relatively cheaper than Northern Europe to buy in bottle form.

Refuse Collection
Rubbish is collected regularly from large bins in the streets. It is your responsibility to bag and tie your rubbish and ensure it is placed in these bins. Unwanted larger items such as old sofas and fridges should be taken to your local rubbish dump and not left to look unsightly at the side of the road.

Utilities in Spain

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